Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Try, try again

My Time Made Easy is (or rather was) having a call for some new designers. I love their products. Getting them and having to play with them sounds so wonderful! Hubby certainly can't argue with that. I just love seeing the 3-D boxes and bags come to life. For the call, I put together a little set to wrap up a scarf my son and I recently picked up on one of our travels for her. Nothing fancy just a little something. I used the tote it all template, which goes together even easier than I could have imagined.

The scarf is pink and so the color theme revolved around pink.

Here is the bag.

I wanted the bag to look a little purse like because this particular friend LOVES purses. I used paper from their fresh fabrics collection 2 (these are my favorite papers!). I also wanted a simple yet unique focal point so I made a medallian of sorts. I used the argyle set from MTME to stamp a pattern on shrinky dinks, cut out a circle, and shrunk it all down.

And now the back.

I wanted to use the same pattern on the pocket, but I wanted the colors to be a bit softer so I chose to go with a shimmery ink in the same colors. The pocket is empty at the moment because that is where the kids picture for her will go.

And here is the card.

I used the same contrasting paper from the bag to make the background on the card using the same curves from the top of the bag. I then repeated the pattern though put it on it's side. The sentiment is from a stamp that was given to me years ago. The white are will be filled in with hearts from the kids, but that takes more patience than I had this weekend.

Thanks for looking and wish me luck!

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